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          Rapid Prototyping

          Our Digital Manufacturing process, also referred to as 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping, enables our customers to obtain a quickly produced physical part that they can bring to meetings or use to mock up an assembly of other parts without the time and expense of conventionally machining the part.

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          Machining & Quality

          Our Machining Services offer our customers a variety of choices to meet their needs for custom Designed and Fabricated Tooling, Fixturing and Industrial Equipment. We utilize the latest MasterCam software for programming parts from CAD models provided by our customers. 

          Custom Machine Table with Isolators CA-001-15.JPG

          Welding & Fabrication

          Our Welding and Fabricating service provides repairs or custom make-to-print metal assemblies for our customers. All welding is performed in our 10,000 sq. ft. facility and is complimented by our in-house CAD design and CNC machining services.



          Interstate Manufacturing Company, Inc. provides Design, Fabrication and Industrial Supply solutions to government agencies and prime contractors for the purpose of fulfilling urgent as well as long term requirements and occupies a modern 10,000 square foot facility.

          In addition to the Tool Design, CNC Machining and Tool-making services, IMC has expanded its services to include Rapid Prototyping for the purpose of turning an idea into a 3D Model and then into a physical part made of a variety of materials for testing fit & function and in many cases, end use.

          In house Welding & Fabricating services are now offered to compliment our Machining services and to reduce lead times.

          Travel to and from Interstate Manufacturing is easy and convenient. Located in Agawam, Massachusetts, IMC has immediate access to Interstates 91 and 90 (aka the Massachusetts Turnpike) and is only minutes from Bradley International Airport in Connecticut.


          See our company brochure.

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